Cumberphone salutes Alamo cinemas


Check out these:

Alamo Drafthouse cinemas, USA – hilarious pre-movie short films, that we hope to emulate at our own theatres. See a selection below.

Orange cinema ads – that one where they frisk people and put them through metal detectors and send in the sniffer dogs – seems perfectly reasonable to us, if a little impractical.

Brief Announcements and Signs don’t seem to be doing the trick so far, do they?

The idea of having short, humorous, educational and irreverent films and performances before all shows is a key plank of the Cumberphone Campaign – so if you’re in a show or part of a company and want to make a video explaining to the audience why we should relish such a rare opportunity not to be ruled by our needy phones for an evening, then we’d love to hear from you.

We’ll be compiling a playlist on our Cumbertube YouTube channel – they can be rough and ready, they can be mere Vines or Snapchat rants, or they can be a Kenneth Branagh Disney extravaganza. Just a few fun ones to get the ball rolling, so that the power-players can see that there’s an appetite for filming proper glossy ones to screen before shows in the near future…

The aim is to enlist at least one Cumberphone Ambassador in each of our great shows in the West End and around the UK. It should be as normal as knowing who your Equity rep is 😉

We know you’re out there… Please join us now.